Exciting Activities

Having best experience with liveaboard adventure

What you can do with lalunia liveaboard?Activities


Feast your eyes with underwater paradise

Your eyes will be pampered by variety of unspoiled coral reefs, fish from small to large, and pelagic fishes. Komodo is unique because it offers two totally different marine environments. In the north we experience the warm clear waters that flow from the Flores and Banda seas. Typical of most tropical locations throughout the world. The hard coral reefs are extensive and in pristine condition.



Itineraries are generally minimum 4 days long, and visit world class dives sites of Castle and Crystal Rock and Cauldron, as well as many others around Komodo & Rinca. The dive deck is located at the bow of Lalunia, and there is a dive tender for easy entry and pick-up.

Trekking Feel the magical sunset or sunrise and observe rare living creature.

Trekking to see Komodo dragon and go to top side of the island to see the magical sunrise and sunset that just only you get in Komodo National Park

Sun Bathing

Lying under the sun on the your favorite beach

We do hoping island, playing on the beach, relaxing to enjoy the sun and get tanning skin

Food & Beverages Serve the best menus from Mr. Chef

Having an experience as unique and memorable our delightful food and beverages. Indonesia, western & vegetarian. Tasty and healthy food to boost your energy and feel the taste dancing inside